Farah Qureshi has a studio/showroom in West London,  at the moment it is by appointment only.  The address is:

Number G05

Venice House

243 Ealing Road

Alperton London


If you would like further information you can contact Farah at the e-mail address below:


Below are a selection of stockists, which include both past and present showcases.  If you would like further information, you are welcome to send an e-mail.


    1.  Notonthehighstreet  
    2. London Transport museum
    3. http://www.emporiumofwonders.co.uk
    4. http://www.jewelstreet.com
    5. The Fashion Connector
    6. The Street Hub
    7. Sable and Ox
    8. My Fabulous Collection
    9. The Independant Boutique
    10. F and L Designer Guide
    11. The House of Jewellers

Bricks and mortar

  1. Mike Gell, Hereford,  Christmas show, 2010
  2. Number 4 Gallery, Berwickshire 2010,2011
  3. Primervera, Cambridge
  4. Artemidorus, London
  5. Bowman Gallery, London, Christmas show, 2010
  6. Studio North, London, Christmas show 2010 and Valentines show 2011
  7. Pyramid, York, 2010
  8. Jewellery Thief, Brighton
  9. Nude Contemporary Jewellery, London
  10. Platform, London, Jewellery show 1ST April-27Th April 2011
  11. Pop Up Jewellery Box, Craft Central, Corner Shop, 11Th-24Th April 2011
  12. Platform. London, Jewellery show 17Th-19Th August 2011
  13. The Necessary Angel, Cumbris
  14. The Guildhall Art Gallery Shop, 2012
  15. W Collection, Manchester
  16. Ladak Gallery, London
  17. Core@nolias Gallery, popup shop 2012
  18. Gill Wing Jewellery, London
  19. Cupola Gallery, United Kingdom
  20. Roger Billcliffe Gallery, United Kingdom
  21. For Arts Sake, London
  22. JeDeCo, Oxo Tower Wharf, London and on-line website
  23. Victoria Sewart, Ringing the Changes exhibition 2014
  24. Federation House, Birmingham, showcase of tiara
  25. Jasios , Soho, London
  26. Dazzle exhibitions
  27. Simon Rees gallery, Colombia Road, Christmas exhibition 2016-2017
  28. The Brooch Is Back an exhibition at Craft Central, for a collaboration between Craft Central and Transport For London, between the 23rd May and 10th June 2017.  Two brooches are available to buy from http://www.shop.tfl.gov.uk
  29. London Rocks London
  30. Boutique Pod London