Introduction and inspiration

Farah Qureshi is a jewellery brand based in London and sold worldwide. The key pieces are inspired by Botanical nature and the designers love of travel, from Kew gardens to the Australian outback.


“there are hidden treasures to be found everywhere; you just need the time to discover them”


 The jewellery collections

The designer creates fine, contemporary collections of jewellery for people who collect and aspire to own one of the pieces that is unique to them. Farah creates statement pieces, that can be worn for special occasions, along with items that are pared down, with an air of simplicity. They are great for every day and are versatile; you can mix and match them, with other pieces for a more eclectic look.


Beautiful combinations of gem stones are often incorporated into the pieces of jewellery, for those who enjoy wearing a splash of colour. Pink tourmalines are combined with a sprinkling of black diamonds, aquamarines are matched with patterns of white diamonds along with many other variations.


Her work celebrates the finer things in life and seeks them out. Everyone needs a special piece of jewellery just for them….

“The precious jewellery that is created can be passed down the generations. The pieces can be considered to be modern heirlooms.”


Awards and shortlists