Hand Made

All of the jewellery created by Farah Qureshi has been hand made in the United Kingdom. The materials which are used are sterling silver and 18 carat gold, other carats of gold can be used when requested. Jewellery can also be made in platinum as well. Farah currently works from a stand alone studio/showroom in London.

Eco Lux

Farah Qureshi uses ethical materials in the jewellery that is produced. Jewellery can be made using Fairtrade gold and platinum. Gem set jewellery can also be made with ethical stones on request. Eco friendly recycled metal is currently being used, too.


A commissioning service is available, for customers who have a special project in mind. Wedding rings can be made to order, in a variety of precious metals, engagement rings can also be created in different styles. If you would like further information about the commissioning service you can contact Farah Qureshi directly via farah@farahqureshi.co.uk.